Reverse Osmosis Filtration System (ECOP30)

The superior option to bottled water, this 3-stage reverse osmosis system saves you time and money on replacement filters, because when it comes to bottled-quality water, three stages are all you need.

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Bottled-Quality Drinking Water

Enjoy unlimited access to safe, top-quality drinking water right from your kitchen sink or refrigerator

Premium Protection

Certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) to reduce numerous contaminants, including sediment, chlorine taste and odor, cysts, lead, chemicals, and total-dissolved solids

Hassle-Free Filter Changes

Encapsulated filter design means water filter changes are quick and mess-free. No tools required. No need to shut off water supply. No touching dirty filters.

Helpful Reminders

Faucet light tells you when it’s time to replace your filters. Want regularly scheduled maintenance reminders? Sign up for email reminders online

Lifetime Warranty Available

Extend your 1-year warranty to a lifetime warranty, simply register your product for more details


Reverse osmosis system, dedicated water faucet (sink must have an available faucet hole), one set of EcoPure pre & post filters (ECOROF), one EcoPure membrane (ECOROM), water storage tank, installation fittings, color-coded tubing, push-in connectors, and a written installation guide.

  • All Household Sizes
  • Limited Warranty Available
  • 6 Month Filter Life

Our filters reduce the following in your water:

  • Sediment
  • Chlorine Taste & Odor
  • Cysts
  • Lead
  • Chemicals
  • Dissolved Solids

Product Specs


Tank Height: 14″
Tank Width: 9 dia.

Filter Width: 11-3/8″
Filter Height: 13″
Filter Depth: 3-1/2″


Supply Water Pressure: 40-100psi
Supply Water Temperature: 40-100 F
Maximum Water Hardness: 10 gpg
Supply Water pH Limits: 4-10
Product Water, 24 Hours: 18.4 gal (69.6 liters)
Inlet – Outlet: 3/8″ Connect Fittings

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