Salt-Free Whole Home Replacement Filter (EPAWCF)

Compatible with our EcoPure EPAWCS system, this replacement filter conditions and filters the water throughout your entire home, reducing scale, sediment and chlorine down to 5 microns.


Compatible with EPAWCS System

Designed for use in the EcoPure EPAWCS Salt-Free Whole Home Water Conditioner

First Line of Defense

Installed on the incoming water line, protect your water-using appliances and plumbing for cleaner, clearer water throughout your entire home

Premium Protection

Reduces scale, sediment, chlorine taste & odor down to 5 microns

A Salt-Free Solution

Filters utilize FACT®, activated carbon and polyphosphate media to reduce scale, sediment and chlorine down to 5 microns

Hassle-Free Filter Changes

Automatic bypass valve and encapsulated filter design means water filter changes are quick and mess-free. No tools required. No need to shut off water supply. No touching dirty filters.

6-Month Filter Life

That’s twice as long as other whole home filters! For best filtration results, filters should be replaced every six months, as recommended

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  • All Household Sizes
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty
  • 6-Month Filter Life

Our filters reduce the following in your water:

  • Sediment
  • Chlorine Taste & Odor
  • Scale Buildup

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