If your tap water smells bad, has an “off” taste or appears cloudy, getting to the source of the problem will help you choose the right solution. Proper filtration or softening will give you clear, crisp, great-tasting water straight from the tap—for rinsing fruits and vegetables, brewing coffee and tea, cooking and, of course, drinking.


Chlorine is used to disinfect the municipal water supply to your home, which is a good thing. But chlorine’s taste and odor may be irritating and unpleasant. EcoPure gives you lots of ways to remove chlorine from your water: pitcher filter, in-line refrigerator filter, undersink system or whole home filter system, depending on whether you’re looking to solve other water problems while you’re at it.


If your water is cloudy and unappealing, it may be due to a high level of dissolved solids. The dissolved solids found in water range from naturally occurring salts and metals to synthetic and volatile organic chemicals from urban, industrial or agricultural runoff and from septic systems. Radioactive contaminants in your water are also a possibility.

If you have chlorine-treated municipal water, the cloudiness could be from chlorine interacting with organic matter to create a disinfection by-product.

Not only can these contaminants affect the taste and appearance of your water and beverages made with water, they may be harmful to your health. comprar zyloprim sin receta. An undersink reverse osmosis filtration system can take care of the problem.

Metallic taste

A metallic taste could be coming from dissolved minerals or metals in your water, such as iron, copper and, less commonly, zinc or manganese. EcoPure has solutions that can help, but the cause must be determined through a professional water test to ensure you install the best system for your issue.